'Nuit Verte': Farmer's market for pot products coming to Toronto

By: May Warren Metro Published on Mon Sep 19 2016

A farmer’s market for edible pot products is cropping up in Toronto.

Toronto’s first “Nuit Verte” will be held at a “top secret” location Sept. 25. Organizer Lisa Campbell said they’re expecting about 300 people, who will learn where it is once they buy tickets online.

According to Campbell, about 20 local pot producers will be on hand to hawk their wares, explain ingredients and offer samples.

“You can go there and ask questions about the products, you can know what strain is in your product, what’s vegan or gluten free or organic, it’s very much a craft market,” she said.

Campbell is part of a “movement” called Green Market that has been holding Sunday cannabis markets all summer. Next week’s event is their first night market.

“While it is illegal, we’re waiting for the laws to catch up with public sentiment and the public wants to try edibles and is ready for them,” Campbell said, noting
marijuana farmer’s markets are already happening across California.

Some of the cannabis products that will be for sale at Nuit Verte.

“My favourite people that come out to the events are like moms from the suburbs who have three children, and they can’t smoke in front of their kids, they don’t want to smell like smoke, it just offers them an alternative which is more discrete,” she added.

Green Market partner Sarah Gillies, who has her own line of hemp bath and beauty products, said customers are sometimes “flabbergasted” when they walk through the door.

“They love meeting the people who are making it so they can ask all these questions that they don’t always get to ask when you’re just dealing with a licensed producer,” she said.

“It gives this very community atmosphere.”