Token Naturals Selects Lifford Cannabis Solutions as National Sales Representatives


Lifford Cannabis Solutions will represent Token Naturals’ extraction-based product line nationwide in multi-year contract

Token Naturals has announced a multi-year partnership with Ontario-based cannabis sales agency, Lifford Cannabis Solutions(LCS). LCS will market Token’s oils and capsules to licensed adult-use cannabis retailers across Canada, growing Token’s footprint nationally and providing consumers and retailers with information and other resources.

“We are pleased to be the first company to work with Lifford nationally,” shares Keenan Pascal, CEO of Token Naturals. “Token values community and innovation, and we recognized those values in Lifford as an independently-owned, relationship-based company. Lifford’s presence across Canada allows us to expand on our roots in Alberta and offer the nation extraction-based products that enhance the wellbeing and lifestyle of Canadians.”

Token is a late-stage Licensed Producer applicant with Health Canada, currently developing an 8,300 square foot extraction lab in central industrial Edmonton and anticipated to be licensed for extraction before the summer of 2019. Once licensed, Token plans to produce oils and capsules with precisely blended cannabinoid profiles that offer dependable experiences for the adult Canadian consumer. These cannabis products will join Lifford’s premier cannabis portfolio, serving the adult-use retail market.

“Lifford Cannabis Solutions is elated to sign our first cannabis processor nationally to prepare for peak legalization in 2019.  Soon Health Canada will be releasing draft regulations on cannabis infused products, and as a premium beverage company we are excited to see what Token Naturals has in store for Canada.  As an independent privately-owned companies we believe in craft small batch artisanal brands with a strong story.  Token fits perfectly into our existing portfolio of premium wine, spirits, beer, cider and now cannabis,” says Lisa Campbell, CEO of Lifford Cannabis Solutions.

LCS’ partner company, Lifford Wine & Spirits, will also represent Token’s subsidiary brand of cocktail bitters to liquor retailers across Canada. Token Bitters is currently sold across Western Canada, has recently expanded into Ontario and is exported to Japan.


About Token Naturals
Token Naturals is an Edmonton-based independent cannabis company focusing on extraction and product development. Token’s mission is to provide products that offer dependable experiences to  enhance the adult Canadian consumer’s wellbeing and lifestyle. As a late-stage Licensed Producer applicant, with Health Canada, Token plans to produce oils and capsules with precisely blended cannabinoid profiles and highly-regulated dosing methods to provide consistency in consumption of THC and CBD. Token currently manufactures Alberta’s highest selling bitters products and distributes across Canada and to Japan.
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About Lifford Cannabis Solutions Inc.
Lifford Cannabis Solutions (LCS) was founded by cannabis advocate Lisa Campbell in order to bring the most premium selections of cannabis to consumers. Lifford assists licensed cannabis companies in getting their products successfully through control boards to retail. A subsidiary of Lifford Wine & Spirits, LCS brings decades of experience to aid cannabis companies coming to market.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Carla Mitchell
Director of Communications, Token Naturals