Lifford Cannabis Solutions is focused on four pillars: distribution, education, innovation and relationships.  Drawing on the incredible innovation in the cannabis sector, Lifford will help bring cannabis brands to market by creating a diverse portfolio of brands, providing top notch cannabis education through events and incubating diverse cannabis brands.


Lifford Cannabis Solution works across all ten provinces by getting licensed products through control boards to retailers in partnership with provincial wholesalers.


In collaboration with some of the top sommeliers in Canada, Lifford Cannabis Solutions is working on bringing the prestige and science of wine to cannabis. Stay tuned for our fall workshop series!



Lifford has always worked to create custom white label solutions for control boards, retail chains and hospitality partners. Connecting the top food and beverage manufacturers and artisans to licensed companies, Lifford ensures that the licensed producers we represent have top quality brands to match their flower!



Lifford leverages decades of relationships with provincial control boards to bring products to market. As the number one supplier of premium wine to hospitality industry in Ontario we pride ourselves on our taste, bringing the best products to buyers across Canada from control boards to retail chains.